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Relationship Characteristics and Cash Flow Variability: Implications for Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Customer Portfolio ManagementCrina O. Tarasi, Ruth N. Bolton, Anders Gustafsson, and Beth A. WalkerJournal of Service Research 2013;16 121-137

Strengthening Customer Relationships: What Factors Influence Customers to Migrate to Contracts?Yolanda Polo and F. Javier SeseJournal of Service Research 2013;16 138-154

The Role of Corporate Image for Quality in the Formation of Attitudinal Service LoyaltySubhash Jha, George D. Deitz, Emin Babakus, and Ugur YavasJournal of Service Research 2013;16 155-170

Firms’ Intentions to Use Nonownership ServicesKristina Wittkowski, Sabine Moeller, and Jochen WirtzJournal of Service Research 2013;16 171-185

Biologically Inspired Approaches to Strategic Service Design: Optimal Service Diversification Through Evolutionary and Swarm Intelligence ModelsGeorge Baltas, Stelios Tsafarakis, Charalampos Saridakis, and Nikolaos MatsatsinisJournal of Service Research 2013;16 186-201

Designing Service Guarantees With Construal Fit: Effects of Temporal Distance on Consumer Responses to Service GuaranteesLiyin Jin and Yanqun HeJournal of Service Research 2013;16 202-215

The Impact of Consumption Goals on Flat-Rate Choice: Can “Hedonizing” a Service Increase Customers’ Propensity to Choose a Flat Rate?Fabian Uhrich, Jan H. Schumann, and Florian von WangenheimJournal of Service Research 2013;16 216-230

Electronic Service Quality and Value: Do Consumer Knowledge-Related Resources Matter?Jose M. Barrutia and Ainhize GilsanzJournal of Service Research 2013;16 231-246


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